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At Silverspoon International College (SSiC), our classrooms and kitchens are fully equipped with all state-of-the-art-facilities and modern training equipment. We ensure our students are taught with the latest and the best industrial kitchen equipment to prepare them on their future occupation.

SSIC is a top culinary school that strategically-housed in a renovated two 3-storey building consisting state-of-the-art facilities, with 6 fully-equipped commercial kitchens which include the pastry & culinary (Escoffier, Careme, Cannoli, & Panettone Guacamole, Mezzes) and a training restaurant named 65C.

A modern show kitchen- Chef Zam@Work, has been designed exclusively to conduct short culinary & pastry workshops on weekends, R&D’s corporate team building and filming of TV programs and commercial.

Besides the artfully-designed facilities which provides conducive learning environment, the College likewise prepared with an in-house computerized resource center with free broadband internet connections, suraus, student lockers, changing/shower rooms and student lounges, amongst others.

Avid food enthusiasts and lovers are not forgotten as Chef Zam@Work contentedly offers intriguing short culinary courses i.e. chocolate making, cake baking & decorating, desserts, cookies, cupcakes, Eastern & Western cookery, etc. The college is grateful to be associated with myriad of generous sponsors contributing towards its good cause. Amongst them are F&B Facilities (commercial kitchen equipment), by General Electric (GE), Lebensstil Kollektion, Philips, Kitchen, Appliances, Zwilling ( Chef Zam@Work ), McCormick, and Heinz, just to name a few.

housed in a completely renovated two 3-storey buildings with state-of-the-art facilities.

6 fully-equipped commercial kitchens including pastry & bakery (Escoffier, Careme, Cannoli, Panettone, Guacamole, Mezzes).

Equipped with an in-house computerized resourse center with free broadband internet connections, suraus, student lockers, etc..

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