This is where I start my life as a new person, where I found my identity & passion. What I love about SSiC are the lecturers & the knowledge I gained here. SSiC give me an opportunity to know more about F&B line and also help to prepare myself before I step into hotel industry for an on job training. I learnt a lot as well I was in the hotel. I am a barista now, and even though currently I am not working as Pastry chef yet, I am learning a new experience in F&B line and I want to gain another experience of being a great barista. Deep down in my heart, patisserie is still a passion of mine and I will pursue my dreams real soon. Thanks to SSiC for giving me the knowledge to fly higher.


SSIC is a good and top culinary school that gives me much better understanding of how to apply techniques in kitchen with pressure surrounding. This will help to make me a better cook, and eventually, a good chef. Other than that, I gained a lot of knowledge in both theory and practical. It is more about the dedication, which is something close to an obsession. This is solely because I love to cook. – Kimi


“If you want to be a chef, I honestly think Ssic is a great place to give a great start to your career, the chefs are passionate and dedicated to the students and the staffs are always there to help. Our principal Chef Zam is a friendly yet strict person and he has lots of knowledge and experience to share and gives students the opportunity to experience launching and opening of events which good for the students. Put your trust in this college and you will go far.”


Firstly, I know this culinary college when I was looking for institutions that offer short courses for Diploma in Pastry Art. I prefer SSIC as a clear explanation of the course, fees and facilities compared to other college selection.To gain knowledge here is a very satisfying experience. I was mentored by charismatic professional chefs with sophisticated kitchen amenities. As a student, you are also being given the opportunity to handle prestigious programs and events. After graduating, numerous job opportunities come to me. Latest, I am in the process of working at a hotel in Brunei.


Personally, I can say that Silverspoon International College (SSIC) was the best decision for me because it has flexible schedules and multiple opportunities to interact with others. I could also say that the teachers are very helpful and they are willing to go the extra mile for you. Being a part of SSIC has actually transformed me. Not only have I gained numerous skills that will further my educational and career goals, but it has provided me a strong framework and support system that has enabled me to move around even more confidently. I am proud to be a part of SSIC. This is where my life journey begins even more brilliantly.


After SPM, I was searching for a culinary school in Malaysia to further my study. I am interested in culinary arts and so, I choose SSiC. Actually at first, I did not know much about the college but somehow I found SSiC attracting. This college has a nice ambience and I did learn a lot of things since it have a good learning environment and skillful lecturers. I started from nothing and now I have some skills to be used. I made a lot of friends and it is a nice place to further your study in culinary arts.


In my opinion, Silverspoon is a good college in Malaysia to further your study and to gain new knowledge in skills to go forward in life. The pastry course offered in Silverspoon is a very interesting too. I treasure all the time I spent in this college.


I learnt a lot of new things in Silverspoon culinary school which enable me to learn in depth about the pastry course. It will definitely refine my skills in preparing pastry products. I am a baker now and I run my business online, SSiC has made me to gain my self-confidence to do this and hone my talent not only in Pastry, but in the skills of communicating with customers.